Here are some of the projects and applications that I've worked on since I started developing software as an indie developer.



Chipper is a keygen jukebox player. It has from over 1400 chiptunes that were ripped from keygenerators available to play. If you sign in with Google+ your playlists are automatically backed up to the cloud. You will also be able to sync your playlist across your Android devices and vote on any chiptune and participate in the community.

Material Design Update Coming Soon...

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Haystack Icon


A Harvest client application that focuses on the user experience of creating/updating/managing your Harvest timers. Haystack includes the ability to create presets, which are pre-configured timers, which allow you to easily create and set timers. Harvest also has a feature called Workflows which allow you to use bluetooth beacons, GPS, or WIFI to trigger workflow events such as starting a timer, stopping a timer, or just showing you a notification so you can decide on the action or not.

Haystack is Coming Soon...

Metal Slug Zombie Live Wallpaper

This was my very first Android application that I ever built in an all night bender during a LAN Party. It was a phenomenal success for ~2 years before being removed from the Play Store, for obvious reasons, and garnered ~400,000 downloads. So now I offer it for free for anyone that wants to try it.

WARNING: It may or may not work as I have stopped maintaining it since it was removed from the store.

Download Here

SNK: if there is an issue with me still hosting the Metal Slug fanwork, I will gladly remove it.