Hi there! My name is Drew Heavner and I'm currently the Lead Android Engineer over at 52inc. I've been building mobile applications and solutions here for about 2.5 years now and I have loved every minute of it. In my travels I have learned quite a bit from all my successes, to all my failures, and from all my peers about honing and building my craft and while I think I have become quite proficient at it, I do know I have much to learn.


I graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2012 with a B.S. in Computer Science and In my studies I tended my focus and skills on mobile application development and game development. During school I maintained a job doing IT work for the School of Public Health for 3 years until I was recruited by 52inc in my final semester and have been working there ever since.


In my time as an Android engineer I have architected, developed, and released over 12 apps and I'm currently working on another two plus a game. One of those apps, Metal Slug Zombie Live Wallpaper, managed to garner over 400,000 downloads before it was suspended from the store (for obvious reasons).

From my time doing application development I have found the old adage of Standing on the shoulders of giants to be very true. I have come to rely on the beautiful works of others to help make my applications great such as Square's wonderful libraries and that of other developers in the field. So in the spirit of open sourceness I have shared my discoveries and code at Github where some of them have garnered mild popularity.