To Infinity and a Stack Overflow

Hello Interwebz!

Long time lurker, first time poster. I thought I would post an opener first to get myself warmed up to this "sharing' thing so I'll try to keep things short for now.

My name is Drew Heavner and I'm currently the Lead Android Developer/Engineer (really, what do we call ourselves?), over at 52inc. For the past 2.5 years I have been crafting my skills as an Android developer and learning all the cogs of application development. In my travels I've experienced building applications with little sense of what clean architecture and design actually are to architecting multiple applications in commonly practiced designs of the industry such as MVP, Dependency Injection, Reactive Coding, and Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture.


Here I will post about interesting things related to Android, or software development in general but mostly Android, that I have come across or that I have developed myself and want to share with the community to give back what it has given me and maybe someone will gain something insightful from my ramblings.

To get started please check out my Github or the 52inc Github for my contributions to open source: